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All page view counts are based on the most recent 30 days. All counts are sourced from Google Analytics 4. We choose Google Analytics as a tool for page view counts, as it is the most standard choice of website tracking. Only partial statistics are shared with third parties following Google Analytics guideline.

All news articles are translated by instant application of Neural Translator. For some articles, if the automatic translation runs with some delay, page titles are displayed in the article’s original language. The website visitors’ language can be recognized by language code in page URL appended next to / For example, if it is /en/, it indicates English user visits. Language code follows ISO 639-1

All translations are provided by Neural Translator. Human interpreters may adjust the translation to best deliver original contents. Since the automatic translation is prone to error, we are open to proposal for correction from third parties.

Pabii Co., Ltd (hereinafter “Pabii” or “We”) provides partial Google Analytics statistics of page view counts for the purpose of customer recognition of our technical capabilities in Google SEO and Neural Translator. Once articles are automatically translated by Neural Translator, our internal Google SEO algorithm is applied to increase chances to be listed in Google searches.